Sharpening Master Class - Brisbane

From AUD $299.00
  • Location: West Ipswich, QLD
  • Product code: P0SL7F

Meet our Sharpening Master Class!

Ever wanted to learn how to sharpen like a professional and get your knives sharpened at the same time?

In this class, we will go over all aspects of sharpening and knife maintenance such as Japanese wet stone sharpening to using a 2x72 grinder and even a Tormek. 

As professional knife makers, we know how to sharpen and keep things sharp.

Things we go over in the class:

  • Sharpening on Japanese wet stones
  • Freehand sharpening on a 2x72
  • Sharpening on a professional Tormek sharping wheel
  • Edge geometry for knives
  • Knife theory
  • Using diamond steel correctly
  • Stropping
  • Edge retention
  • General knife maintenance 

Learning how to sharpen correctly took me longer than I would like to admit. I've specifically designed this class so you don't have to learn the hard way and get all the tips and tricks to get things right the first time!

Bring 5 of your own knives to sharpen in the class and hone the skills you've learned on the day.